Are You Ready to be Friends with Your Ex Sex Buddy?

After you break off the sexual benefits component of a friends with benefits relationship, how do you know when it’s time to resume the friendship part of the deal? Jumping directly from a casual sexual relationship into a platonic friendship can be difficult, if not impossible. Every big transition in life, especially those that are likely to be emotionally charged, takes time. Some people find that they are never able to make the jump, but if both people value the friendship, it is totally doable when the timing’s right. You will know the timing is right when neither one of you harbors any anger or resentment, and if both of you are in agreement that you don’t want to rekindle the erotic component of what you had. Be patient, and if a friendship between the two of you is meant to be, it will happen.

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Rekindle the Erotic Component

When do You Approach Your Ex Sex Buddy about the Possibility of Friendship?

The right timing for resuming a friendship after you break it off with your sex buddy is dependent on many factors. Its good to take some time to familiarize yourself about the ins and outs of these type of relationships. The three major components to take into consideration are how long you were sexually involved, the reason for ending the sexual part of your relationship, and whether or not there are any hard feelings.  Sex buddy arrangements that were short lived, ended due to mutual agreement, and on friendly terms can generally turn into friendship after just a few weeks of letting things rest. On the other hand, if you were sexually intimate for a long time, or if your sex buddy was angry or had hurt feelings about the dissolution of your arrangement, you’ll probably want to give her a few months before you try to talk with her about the possibility of being friends.

What do you Say?

When you decide that the time is right to approach your ex sex bud about moving on to being just buds, the best thing you can possibly say is exactly what you mean. If the sex just wasn’t doing it for you anymore, but you really miss her sense of humor or intelligent banter, tell her. It’s totally possible to value someone’s personality and friendship long after the spark is gone. Just be careful with your wording so you don’t give her the wrong idea about what you’re looking for. If she thinks you’re trying to get back into bed with her, you might end up making things worse instead of better.

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Establish enough of a friendship

Were You Friends Before the Fling?

If you were friends with your fling before you developed a sexual relationship, it makes sense that you might miss it and want to reestablish the friendship later. A site that really helped me is If you weren’t friends before, did you really establish enough of a friendship during your fling to make it worthwhile to try to maintain it now that the sex is over? Sometimes it happens that way, and if so, that’s cool. Just be sure that your desire to keep a friendship going with the person you had a fling with stems from the right motivation. If you genuinely like her as a person, you’re on the right track to potentially have a great friendship. On the other hand, if you are still harboring sexual desire for her, are just bored or lonely and looking for someone to fill your time, or have any sort of jealousy or hang-ups about her moving on to a new sex buddy, it’s never going to work.

Do Friends with Benefits Ever Really Work Out as Just Friends?

If you’re wondering if sex buddies ever truly go on to have good friendships, the answer is yes. In fact, your chances of evolving what you had into a solid friendship are far better than the odds for people who were in emotionally involved romantic relationships who try to become friends after a breakup. ( Read more) If you were truly just friends who had sex, it shouldn’t be that hard to bridge the gap between that and a hands-off friendship unless there was some sort of ugly fight. The only time friendships aren’t an option after a friends with benefits situation draws to an end tend to be in those situations where one person falls in love with their sex buddy and the feelings aren’t reciprocal. Assuming this isn’t the case, there is no reason you can’t end up being great friends. Just remember that friendship, like any other type of relationship, requires reciprocity and a mutual desire to make it work. Keep in mind that she might not be feeling the same way about you. If she isn’t into the idea, you’ll need to let it go and find other people to pal around with.

Buying A House Is Always The Better Choice

Change is constant, it is inevitable. People change and so are their priorities. Back in the day, a man’s goal in life is to provide a house for his family. To build a house that he can call his own. Today, with changes in our world, man’s priorities have changed. The technology today has given mankind a lot of options that made them set aside the priority to build the house. A lot of people now have opted to rent to avoid too much hassle. Surely, building a house is a big decision not only because of the amount of money you have to spend/invest but also because of the costs that come after it has been built. But truly, there is no place like home, especially if you can really call it your own. Here are just a few of the many reasons why buying a house is always the better choice.

Have it your way. Buying a house means buying a place where you can be yourself. You can customize it the way you want it without having to worry about what others would think. You can move the entertainment room at any time you would like, no need to ask permission from anyone. It’s your house anyway.

Save more. It is a fact that initially buying a house would cost more compared to renting. But the good thing is, there are mortgages, loans. You can pay the house in instalment. If you do have a stable job and quite enough salary to shoulder the loan, it will save you more because in mortgages, once you have paid off the price of the house that will be the end of it. Unlike if you are renting, you will spend for God knows how long and at the end of the day, the house is still not yours. The possibility of you getting kicked out will always be there. A house is a necessity. You can always live without an LED TV or a sports car but not a house.

Repossessed property, the best

Repossessed property, the best

Good investment. Surely, buying a new house would definitely mean spending a lot of money but come to think of it, it would still be a very good investment. Along with the land, home value increases from time to time. The price you paid for the house may double in a few years especially if it is now in a good location like close to the airport, financial district etc.

At the end of the day it will still be up to the person to decide whether to buy or rent. Of course there are a lot of things to consider before buying one. Financial capacity, readiness for the responsibility, payment terms are just a few of the things that one has to think of before getting a house. While buying a house is good, it is not the right option for everyone.  

that it's always better to

that it’s always better to

Reasons Why ChromeBook Will Be Successful

For those that are not familiar with ChromeBook, it is actually a personal computer that is installed with Google Chrome OS, unlike other hardware packages that are either installed with Apple and Microsoft’s operating system. Before its official release, experts are having doubts whether the ChromeBook will be successful especially in the time which smartphones rule the telecommunications industry. However, there are those that say that ChromeBook will gain its own followers and be successful in its release because of different reasons. The reasons for ChromeBook’s success will rely on the following statements.

  • It is a testament against Microsoft-owned softwareas we will know, most computers that can be bought today either is installed with Windows or Mac operating system. While we are not saying that these operating systems are not good but for a change we are making a statement. Unlike Windows and Mac, Google Chrome OS highlights the use of online applications. For example, instead of having Office applications you’ll use online Google applications which serve the same purpose.

  • It is affordable unlike other computer equivalents, this machine is surprisingly affordable. In its first release, it is only a little bit lower than the iPad but in the later releases, it got cheaper and cheaper. In the latest release, it costs half than the price of iPad which is actually a good thing for customers. For half the price, you already get a computer equivalent. You’ll get the same capabilities as a normal desktop computer. You can then edit documents, check emails, manipulate spreadsheets just like in the normal desktop computer.

  • It is fast and efficientthere are those that say that because of its low cost, there is a possibility that it may not be of the best quality. By quality we mean, the speed in accessing the different applications present, the number of applications that can be run simultaneously and the hardware requirements. Again, surprisingly the ChromeBook performed relatively well. Accessing the different applications doesn’t take a long time. Applications running in the system don’t hang and you can continue working on an application even if there are other applications being opened and use. ChromeBook relatively is competent when compared to counterparts.

  • It serves its purpose the concept why ChromeBook was created was to come up with a device that is affordable, portable and reliable. Base on the latest releases, ChromeBook performs relatively well when compared to existing contemporaries. If it is this good in the early releases, you can just imagine its performance on future releases. It has a lot of potential and there is still so much room for improvement.
Can a computer that is

Can a computer that is

You can understand why experts have their doubts in ChromeBook but when you get to try and experience what it can do, it’s no surprise too if you believe in what it can and what it can’t do. Not all releases are successful and there are many projects that have been trashed in the past for failing to live up to its expectations. For now, we can only wait and see how ChromeBook will fare in the near releases.

Is Chromebook's Success A

Is Chromebook’s Success A

Stretching Before And After A Workout: What Are Its Benefits?

As you get older, the muscles in your body tighten. Also, the range of motion of your joints may be reduced. This can affect your ability to have an active lifestyle. In fact, you may have a tough time performing your daily activities. Activities that used to be very simple to accomplish may become very tough to do. If you want to improve the length of your muscles and ensure that daily activities will not be hard to do, you should follow a stretching program.

Stretching is essential before and after a workout. Here are a couple of benefits that stretching can give you:

It helps in alleviating muscle soreness. During workout your muscles may be torn. Lactic acid (waste product) will also accumulate in your muscles. Through proper stretching, muscle fibers are lengthened. This increases blood flow and removes waste products. As a result, your muscles will become less sore.

It prevents injuries. After your workout, your muscles should go back to their length when at rest. Muscles are typically shortened temporarily during workouts. These shortened fibers are easy to injure. So stretch after a workout to prevent injuries.

Also, before you even start your workout; stretching makes your muscles more flexible. This does not just prevent injuries, but it also gives you more strength. This enables you to perform different activities while using lesser energy.

Stretching after workouts not

Stretching after workouts not

It improves your range of motion. Stretching properly allows you to move your joints and limbs without any problems.

It aids in workout recovery. Stretching after a workout helps in decreasing muscle soreness. When your muscles are properly conditioned, it will be so much easier for you to handle different kinds of sports and exercises.

It increases energy levels. Proper stretching before a workout slowly increases your blood circulation. This results in increased energy. It also prepares you for the different routines ahead.

Stretching can be done by any person anytime. Even if you are in the office, you can stretch your muscles and feel so much better. Remember that you make use of your muscles whenever you work out. You need to be kind to your muscles if you want to ensure that they will work in your favor. Also, do not forget that although stretching has many benefits, it is not intended for those who have sprained or strained muscles. Doing so may worsen the injury.

Finish Workouts With a Stretch

Finish Workouts With a Stretch

Many people think of stretching as a reward for their hard work. Stretching allows you to relax your mind and body. A lot of individuals do not stretch before and after a workout not because they are not aware of its importance, but simply because they choose to ignore it. Make sure not to do the same. After all, it is for your own good.

Outsourcing- How It Can Benefit You Business

Marketing can at times be tricky but it is the most effective way to reach to your customers. Doing it yourself might not enable your enjoy the full benefits of your product and its profits. This is why you need to contract a marketing company. This way, you will be outsourcing you marketing services to the people who know how to do it professionally. This is not what you could have attained if you did it yourself- you could not have exploited the full potential of your products. Here are a few reasons as to why you should consider outsourcing.

Expertise services

Outsource marketing companies have employees who are trained enough to do the marketing and use the correct speech while talking to a potential customer. It is expensive to train your own personnel and if you decide to send your untrained personnel to begin doing the marketing, you will definitely lose it. Training can also take a lot of your time and maybe you need to hit the market quickly. So to avoid all these scenarios, consider outsourcing your marketing services and let them be handled by professionals for better results.

Small businesses can benefit

Small businesses can benefit

Building Brand Awareness

Outsourcing your marketing services is also another way of building solid brand awareness in the market. For a new product, you need to set a strong base to make your potential customers aware of the existence of your product. Marketing personnel will be in a better position to influence the customers to consider your product. They are in a better position to know what tactics to employ when a product is new to the market, how to make people out there believe in it and how to influence them to try out they product. This way, they will make your product remain in the minds of many and hence boosting your sales.

Reach More Consumers

This is yet another way of reaching more people unlike using physical means to transverse thought the entire region of your interest. With a telephone for example, you can communicate to a number of people in an hour which is the direct opposite with walking. You will be spending so much time walking around, time that you could have used to call hundreds of potential customers. Outsourcing this service will therefore put you in a better platform to reach for more customers. Marketing companies have employed personnel who can work on marketing your product within a short period of time other than you alone handling the whole process. Something you cannot do it singlehandedly.



Outsourcing your marketing service is a sure way of boosting your sales. This is a quick way of making your product go viral in the market. You are going to generate sales quicker than you expected and you will not even have to explain further to your customers about the product. All this is done for you by the outsourcing personnel you have hired. So when looking for ways to market your product, outsourcing is the way to go about.

Office Romances: The Good And The Bad

Love can be found anywhere especially at work. However, there can be complications with work romance that people have to consider before diving into the relationship. Fortunately, it is not all bad at all. Just take the following pros and cons of an office romance before you put yourself into such relationship.

The Good

1. Convenience. You don’t need to search far and wide for a potential partner. At times, they are just there right down at your nose in your workplace.

2. Time. There is no need for you to set a time just to be with each other.

3. Savings. If ever you decide to live together, you can just go to work together, saving a lot on transport or on your gas.

4. Ally. If you have some work difficulties or if you need someone to support you at work, you can count on someone to be with you. Ordinary colleagues would be too busy on their own task; they won’t really bother to help you out. But if you are dating a colleague, you can count for some assistance at work in case you need it.

The Bad

1. Time or too much of it. If you get to have all the time you need for both of you, there is a chance that you get each other for granted. This can also lead to too much familiarity. Too much spent with each other can lessen the romance. Too much time can also cause some friction if you get too expose on personality differences. This can take a toll on a relationship.

2. There are times that office romance can lessen work efficiency. Your focus gets hazy and if you have some personal problems, you will bring it at work.

Office Romance Policy

Office Romance Policy

3. Breaking up. The worst disadvantage of having a romantic interest with a colleague is the break up. If the relationship didn’t work out and you break up, you have to live each day seeing your ex at the office. It can be awkward most especially if you have dated your boss. You might have to face a possibility of leaving work and find employment elsewhere.

Things to consider before going into a relationship at work

1. Consider the position and the possible complications. If you are dating a colleague, expect some rivalry. See if this competition at work can harm your relationship or if you can deal with such feeling of competing with a person you have a romantic involvement. If you are dating a subordinate or boss, some issue of favoritism might occur. And after a break up, accusations might happen too like sexual harassment or of not being productive that might end up you or your subordinate being fired.

2. How serious are you? If this is like a fancy romance, forget it. You have to consider a long term relationship if you start one within your workplace. You also have to be sure you are compatible so that you can work a long term relationship with this person.



3. Think well ahead. If you get yourself in an office romance, you have to be professional in case a break up happens. Talk about it with your colleague to ensure each one understand how you are both going to act in the office in case it didn’t work out. it would help too if you date someone not in the same department or building so that it won’t be too awkward if you two have to break up; you don’t have to see each other often if you work in a different building or department.